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An Unforgettable Whisky Tasting Event: Bellevoye Whiskies and L’Acrobate Gin De France 44% Paired with Exquisite Culinary Creations from Topaz’s culinary team

On a fine Monday afternoon May 1, 2023, a group of 25 professionals gathered for an intimate and exclusive gin and whisky tasting event, featuring a selection of Bellevoye whiskies and L’Acrobate Gin De France 44%. Organized by the talented CDA’s Jeroen and Alexandre Sirech Bellevoye co-founder, the event was a delectable journey through the world of fine spirits and their perfect culinary counterparts.

With a carefully curated menu by renowned Chef Sopheak Pov of small-sized tapas plates and drink pairings, the event was a testament to the art of food and drink pairing, as guests were treated to a symphony of flavors that complemented each beverage close to perfection. We will take you through the exquisite culinary creations and drink pairings that made this event truly unforgettable.

1. A Refreshing Welcome: L’Acrobate Gin De France 44% G&T Paired with Cucumber Canapés with Herbed Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon
The event started on a refreshing note, as guests were welcomed with L’Acrobate Gin De France 44% G&T, paired with cucumber canapés topped with herbed cream cheese and smoked salmon. The cool, refreshing cucumber enhanced the botanicals in the gin, while the herbed cream cheese provided a creamy contrast to the effervescent tonic. The smoked salmon added a touch of luxury, making this pairing an elegant start to the lunch.

2. Bellevoye Blue, New Barrel Finish: A Symphony of Creamy and Nutty Flavors
The first whisky on the menu was Bellevoye Blue, New Barrel Finish, paired with aged Gouda cheese and smoked salmon canapés. The creamy, nutty flavors of aged Gouda and the rich, smoky notes of the salmon enhanced the fresh oak and fruity accents of this whiskey, creating a harmonious and delightful pairing.

3. Bellevoye White, Sauternes Barrel Finish: A Decadent Delight
Next up was Bellevoye White, Sauternes Barrel Finish, paired with foie gras terrine, fig jam, and brioche toast points. The rich, buttery foie gras and sweet fig jam complemented the honeyed sweetness and smooth texture of this Sauternes-finished whiskey, resulting in a decadent and indulgent pairing.

4. Bellevoye Red, Grand Cru Barrel Finish: A Symphony of Savory and Earthy Flavors
The Bellevoye Red, Grand Cru Barrel Finish, was paired with braised beef short ribs, red wine reduction, and truffle mash. The tender, savory beef and earthy truffle flavors beautifully highlighted the deep, fruity notes and elegant structure of this Grand Cru-finished whiskey, creating a delectable and satisfying pairing.

5. Bellevoye Green, Calvados Barrel Finish: A Fresh and Delicate Combination
Seared scallops with an apple and fennel salad accompanied the Bellevoye Green, Calvados Barrel Finish. The delicate sweetness of the scallops and the fresh, crisp flavors of the apple and fennel enhanced the fruity, floral notes of this Calvados-finished whiskey, resulting in a refreshing and delightful pairing.

6. Bellevoye Orange, Rhum Barrel Finish: A Taste of the Tropics
Bellevoye Orange, Rhum Barrel Finish, was paired with coconut shrimp and a mango and pineapple salsa. The tropical flavors of the coconut shrimp and fruity salsa harmonized with the sweet, exotic character of this Rhum-finished whiskey, transporting guests to a tropical paradise.

7. Bellevoye Purple, Plum Finish: A Succulent and Sweet-Tart Symphony
The succulent duck breast with a plum and port sauce was paired with Bellevoye Purple, Plum Finish. The tender duck and sweet-tart plum sauce accentuated the rich, fruity flavors and velvety texture of this Plum-finished whiskey, making for a mouthwatering and unforgettable pairing.

8. Bellevoye Black, Smoke Finish (Peated): A Rich and Smoky Finale
The intense, smoky notes of Bellevoye Black, Smoke Finish (Peated), were perfectly balanced by the rich, velvety dark chocolate truffles with a hint of sea salt. This pairing was a fitting finale to the whisky tasting, leaving guests with a lasting impression of the intricate art of food and drink pairing.

9. After-Lunch Drink: El Pasador de Oro XO, Rhum de Guatemala – A Sweet Ending
To conclude the event on a sweet note, guests were treated to El Pasador de Oro XO, Rhum de Guatemala, paired with dark chocolate fondant and a raspberry coulis. The rich, velvety dark chocolate and the subtle contrast of sea salt balanced the intense, smoky notes of this peated whiskey, resulting in a delightful and memorable after-dinner drink.

This small-scale gin and whisky tasting event was a testament to the expertise and dedication of Jeroen and his team from Les Celliers d’Asie, who went above and beyond to impress their guests and create an unforgettable experience. The exquisite food pairings and attention to detail made this event a true celebration of the art of food and drink pairing.

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