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Savoring Sophistication: A Memorable Burgundy Wine Tasting Experience with Cambodia’s Top Sommelier

An unforgettable evening unfolded at the French Embassy, where a spectacular Burgundy wine tasting was orchestrated by Seyha Hak, Cambodia’s top sommelier in 2013. Alongside talented individuals such as Un Sokmean and Khantei Sok from Thalias Hospitality, Seyha expertly introduced the wines to a distinguished guest list, which included French Ambassador Jacques Pellet.


Guests were treated to a diverse selection of extraordinary wines: Champagne Gervais Gobillard, Saint-Véran Château Vitallis, Ladoix 1er Cru Domaine Maratray Dubreuil, Savigny-lès-Beaune Domaine Maratray Dubreuil, Pommard Domaine Bertrand Bachelet, and Nuits Saint-Georges Domaine Dubois. Each wine showcased its distinct character:

  1. Champagne Gervais Gobillard: A sophisticated interplay of fruity and mineral notes, embodying elegance suitable for complementing refined appetizers or lightly spiced fish dishes.
  2. Saint-Véran Château Vitallis: A harmonious blend of fruity and floral flavors with a velvety texture, perfect alongside seafood or white meats.
  3. Ladoix 1er Cru Domaine Maratray Dubreuil: A captivating mineral richness with enduring nutty undertones, a tribute to the Côte de Beaune’s exquisite whites.
  4. Savigny-lès-Beaune Domaine Maratray Dubreuil: Boasting delightful red fruit aromas, a robust structure, and a powerful palate – a match made in heaven for veal, poultry, or piquant cheeses.
  5. Pommard Domaine Bertrand Bachelet: With its deep, vivid hue and bold fruit-driven essence, it pairs impeccably with red meats and cheeses.
  6. Nuits Saint-Georges Domaine Dubois: An intense, ruby-red masterpiece with commanding aromas and harmonious tannins, suited for red meat, game, and cheese.

The event was organized by Sylvain Come from Peuch & Besse, who deserves heartfelt gratitude for crafting this refined affair. The evening also honored Seyha Hak for his unrivaled passion in nurturing Cambodia’s up-and-coming wine connoisseurs.

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